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How do I log time with my chatbot?

Gryzzly adapts to your work pace and offers you 3 alternatives to log time with your chatbot.

  1. Log time on demand 👋
  2. Daily reminders 🔔
  3. Weekly reminders 🔔

💡 Tips: You can edit and add time entries on your dashboard.

Logging time on demand

When you’ve completed a task, or when you start a new one for instance, you may want to log it directly.

The easy way is to call Gryzzly, which you can do any moment.

Call Gryzzly by saying "bonjour", "hey" "yo", "coucou" or "project".

Déclarer du temps a posteriori


When you configure your chatbot, you can set reminders so you never forget to log your time:

Choose what fits you best.

You can edit you reminder anytime you want asking Gryzzly with “changer le rappel” or “rappel”.

You may need to set a standard working rythm for your team and yourself.

Daily reminders

This reminder allows you to receive daily notifications in order to recap your day.

Le rappel journalier dans Gryzzly

Weekly reminders

This reminder allows you to receive weekly notifications in order to recap your week.

Les rappels hebdomadaires dans Gryzzly chatbot

Make a time entry with my dashboard

If you ever need to bulk add or bulk edit time entries, you can use your dashboard in the timesheet tab Heures .

Déclarer du temps grâce au dashboard

What if I missed one of my reminders? 🚒

Gryzzly’s waiting for you.

You can answer a missed reminder anytime in your chatbot. The log will go in the dashboard on the date of the said reminder. Just scroll through your Gryzzly feed to find your missed reminder and answer it. 👌

And Voilà!

Logging time in Gryzzly has no secrets for you now.

Au boulot! 👊