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How do reminders work in Gryzzly?

It is probably Gryzzly’s biggest stenght: it will notify you when you want it to. ⏰

Daily or weekly, you’ll never have to think about logging your time again, Gryzzly does it for you.

And it’s all happening within your Slack. 😎

When can I set up my reminder?

You can adjust your reminder’s pace anytime by saying “rappel” to Gryzzly.

He will make you choose between daily or weekly reminders.

Pick an hour of your choice and let’s go! Gryzzly’s ready!

Choisir votre rythme de rappel

Editing my reminder

You can easily edit you reminder with Gryzzly.

Just tell him “rappel”.

Daily reminders

Gryzzly comes to see you everyday at the hour of your choice to ask you what you’ve worked on.

In your dashboard, the hours tab Heures will display each day of your week and the associated worked hours.

Les rappels quotidiens dans Gryzzly chatbot

Les rappels quotidiens dans Gryzzly app

Weekly reminders

If you chose to have weekly reminders, Gryzzly comes to see once a week.

It can be harder to remember what you did ðŸĪŠ but for some tasks it can be easier ðŸĪ™

In you dashboard, the hours tab Heures regroups all your time entries on your week without distinguishing days.

Les rappels hebdomadaire dans Gryzzly chatbot

Les rappels hebdomadaire dans Gryzzly app

What can I do if I missed reminder? 🚒

Did you forget to answer Gryzzly? Don’t worry, you can answer one of your Gryzzly reminder later on.

Still, there are two ways to catch up:

  1. Go back in your Gryzzly feed (chatbot) and find the reminder your missed. Log time within this very reminder and the input will go on the corresponding date.

  2. Head into your dashboard, in the Heures page to catch up and even more! 😉.