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How do I create a project?

To create a project, head to your projects tab Projets .


If it’s your first time in the dashboard, and you don’t have any project yet, Gryzzly suggests you to start with the creation of a first one:

création de projet étape 1

Creating a project

If you already did your onboarding, and created your first project, you can create more by clicking on the button + Créer un projet.

création de projet étape 2

Projects creation and edition happen in a dedicated interface, a wizard that takes you through the necessary steps

Here’s how.

Step 1: Naming your project

Depending on the project type, it can represent an expected duration, a targeted duration, a planned duration, or an amount of time sold corresponding to a quote.

This planned duration is a reference to check on a project’s progress, comparing the planned amount of time to the worked hours on a project: your team logs.

création de projet étape 2

Need to know: This amount of time is not overriden by the amount of time allocated to the project’s activities.

Step 2: Creating activities

To add activities to a project, use Résumé on the right of your screen.

For each activity, specify:

Need to know: If you specify a volume of hours, it will not override the total amount of time planned on the overall project. If you want it to, clear the planned amount of time for the project.

La création d’activités

Step 3: Assigning teammates to a project

Your project can be :

L’assignation des collaborateurs

What does it mean for Gryzzly?

In the chatbot?

Gryzzly only displays projects which you, or the whole team, are assigned on.

In the dashboard?

Gryzzly has filters which default setting is to display the projects you are assigned to only.

Step 4: Finishing

Once your project team is all set, you can finish its creation by clicking on Valider.

How can I edit my projects

To edit a project information , head into the project detailed view and click on Éditer.

La création d’activités

You can use the three tabs available to edit your project .

Modifier un projet