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How to remove users from your team

To remove a user from your team, go to the administration page. Warning: you need to have at least the project manager role in Gryzzly.

In the team management tab Equipe, you find the list of your team members as well as their status.

vue administration d'équipe

Deactivating a user

To deactivate a user, you just need to click on the option dots of his line and choose Désactiver. Easy!

Désactiver un utilisateur

Deactivated users loose access to the dashboard, and their chatbot won’t work anymore. Poor things.

Réactiver un utilisateur

Reactivating users

Deactivated users disappear from the team tab Equipe. To show them, click on “Afficher les utilisateurs désactivés”.

Deactivated users are shown in greyed lines. To reactivate them, click on their option dots, and choose Réactiver.

Réactiver un utilisateur Réactiver un utilisateur