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Can I delete my projects or their activities?

You can delete projects and activities.

⚠️ Warning: time inputs will lost forever and ever ever.

Deleting a project

  1. Click on the project you wish to delete, and switch to edition mode by clicking on the button Editer.
  2. Click on the delete button Supprimer.
  3. Confirm.

Supprimer un projet

Deleting an activity

You can only delete an activity when it’s empty. Meaning it must be free of any time entry.

If an activity contains logs, you can reassign them manually from your hours tab Heures. Only then will you be able to delete the activity.

  1. Click on the project and switch to edition mode clicking on Editer.
  2. Go inside the activities tab Activités.
  3. Click on the cross available on each line, if, and if only, the activity is empty.

Supprimer une activité