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How do I edit what my dashboard displays ?

Gryzzly allows you to refine your projects thanks to the parameters you set for it:

These are as many criteria allowing you to sort, filter, or group your projects in order to better undestand and analyze them.

filtrez vos projets

Filtering your projects

By default, Gryzzly only displays projects that are in progress or finished, and assigned to you.

Filtre par défaut

You can edit what Gryzzly filters clicking on the filter button Filtrer.

filtrez vos projets

You can change what Gryzzly filters in the panel appearing on the right.

Filtre par défaut

Grouping your projects

Group projects by

By default, your projects are grouped by status:

Group projects by status

But you can also use tags and group your projects by your tags categories.

Group projects by tag

Trier les projets

By default, your projects are sorted in alphabetical order in your projects tab.

By clicking on the name of a column you can sort your projects by time remaining, time spent or progress.