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How can I edit my projects?

You can edit the information related to a project.

Go to its detailed view page and click on the edit button Editer.

Activity creation

Editing a project

You can use the tabs in the edit view to adjust your project information:

Edit a project

Updating a project status

If you have at least the role project manager, you can change a project status.

Changing the project status

En cours / In progress

If the project is in progress, it is available for time input to those assigned to it.

In the charbot 🤖

In the dashboard 📊

Terminé / Done

The project is finished, which impacts the interface as well as the chatbot.

In the chatbot 🤖

In the dashboard 📊

Achivé / Archived

Archiving the project has impacts on the tracking interface as well as on the chatbot for time entry.

In the chatbot 🤖

In the dashboard app 📊