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Team administration

The administration page allows you to manage the default settings of your team and manage the user roles and permissions.

To access the team administration page, click on your avatar in the bottom left menu and choose the desired page.

Team administration page

🔐 Warning: You must be a manager to access this page. Either you’re Gryzzly first user in your team, or you’ve been given this role by another manager.

Managing your team preferences

From the team preferences tab, PrĂ©fĂ©rences d’Ă©quipe, you can adjust your team settings and customize your Gryzzly account according to your needs:

Team preferences tab


Team preference tab

Default settings

Work rhythm:

The work rhythm is a calculation basis for times logged in both percentages or day shares. It can be customized for each employee in the team management tab GĂ©rer l’Ă©quipe.

Managing your team

The team management tab GĂ©rer l’Ă©quipe allows you to customize the work rhythm for each teammate.

It also gives you the possibility to change a user role to a teammate.

To change a user role, just click on the Pen icon of the desired teammate in the and choose the right role for him.

To know more on this manager role, read this.

Tab team management