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Overseeing and etiting my team’s time entries

You are a manager and you wish to keep track of your team’s logs?

Here’s how to do it.

Requirements: To get access to the team page, Equipe, you must have manager role 🔐. For more information read this. 😉

The team overview

From your dashboard, access the team page Équipe from the left panel. This page lists everyone of your teammates and the volume of hours they’ve reported over the selected period (week).

By default, Gryzzly displays the times logged over the current week. But you can go back in time to check the past weeks.

If you want to analyze the logs on a longer span, use the export feature.

The Équipe view

Page layout

Seeing and editing the time of teammates

By clicking on the name of a teammate, you can access to his or her data. From here, you will be able to consult and edit the logs the same as you can for yours.

The Équipe view 2"

The team export

For more details, you can export all of your team’s time entries, by project.

To do an export:

  1. Click on the export button exporter,
  2. Choose the time period and the export file format,
  3. Choose if you want to id your teammates with their name, or their email,
  4. Click on “Exporter”.

How to export your Gryzzly data

The generated export is in the form of an Excel file that you can manipulate at your convenience. It contains two tabs. The second tab contains the raw data.

Solution 2: the team export