Gryzzly Time's help center

Seeing my time entries

Go to the Hours page / Heures to find all of your time entries, edit them, or add new ones.

How does it work?

The hours page / Heures shows, day by day, every time entries logged with the chatbot. You can easily check the total amount of time logged on a day or on a week.

Every time log is set as in the chatbot: Project > Activity > duration

hours view in gryzzly

Daily and weekly mode

Depending or your reminder’s setting (daily or weekly), the display of this page varies.

Daily reminder

Daily hours view

Weekly reminder

Weekly hours view

Adding a time entry

To add an entry you have to:

  1. Click on the + Déclarer button (up right corner), or on a particular day,
  2. Complete the form,
  3. Click on the green button Valider to add it.

The most efficient way is to use the week calendar to quickly add a time entry on the day you want.

How to add a time entry in Gryzzly

Two indicators helps you during you declaration:

Editing an entry

To edit an entry, just clic on the tree dot at the end of an entry and select the action you need:

adding or editing an entry

Setting time limit for you declaration

By default, you can’t add more than 24h hours on a day.

Guess why ^^

If you activate the time entry limiter in you app preferences , every team members will become limited on its capacity to log time according to its work rhythm : daily duration x weekly duration.

Time entry limitation in gryzzly