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How should I organize my projects and structure them?

When creating Gryzzly, we thought about the easiest way to keep track of your team’s time.

In order to make time reporting easier for your team and to help you keep a clear vision of your activity and the consumption of your time budgets, we structured the projects as follows:

Projects > Activities > Time spent

The project structure in Gryzzly


Projects are the top entities on which a person can input time.

They contain activities on which your team can also input time.

Each project has several pieces of information attached to it:

The project structure in Gryzzly


Activities are the second and last level of detail in Gryzzly’s structure.

Depending on your organization, an activity may be:

The structure of activities in Gryzzly

Time spent on a project

The notion of hours logged or time spent corresponds to the volume of hours declared by your team from the chatbot or the dashboard.

These time spent are compared to the times planned and used to monitor the consumption of time budgets for each project and activities.