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How do I archive my projects?

To archive a project:

  1. Go into the project’s detailed view,
  2. Click on the button Editer,
  3. Then use the button Archiver at the top,
  4. And confirm ✅

Comment archiver un projet?

Should I archive my projects?

You just delivered a project and already reviewed it, made a post-analysis an all?

Well then, it may be time to think about archiving!

Here’s why.

Archiving? What for?

When you archive a projects, it disappears from both the chatbot and the dashboard.

Once you archive a project, it’s not possible anymore for you and your team to make any time entries on it.

You can always choose to display archived projects in your dashboard tab Projet thanks to filters.

Here’s how.

How can I find my archived projects?

To find your archived projects, you can use filters.

Just check the project status archived in your filter.

Archiver des projets dans Gryzzly Archiver des projets dans Gryzzly

How can I recover an archived project?

To unarchive a project, it’s pretty much the same thing the other way around:

  1. Go inside a project’s detailed view,
  2. Clic on Editer,
  3. Unarchive it by clicking on Désachiver.

Désarchiver des projets dans Gryzzly