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How do I add tags on projects and activities?

Your projects and activities deserve and need to be analyzed under different angles. Projects can belong to a client, fit a type of services, or find itself in one of your process stages.

These parameters which are specific to your company, its industry and its way of operating are all editable in Gryzzly.

Define, order, sort, and filter your projects thanks to your personalized tags.

🔐 Warning: You need to be a manager to have the right to use tags.

Tag categories

Tag categories are major axis that will help you analyze your projects.

They contain labels, tags you can add to a project or activity.

You can filter and sort your dashboard based on those categories.

Create a tag category

You can create a tag category in your settings within the Tags section.

Important : you can create up to 5 tag categories only. Take time with your team to identify which are the big axis helping to analyze and manage your projects.

A create button for categories is located in the top right corner.

Ajout d’une catégorie de tags

When creating a tag category, you can set:

Création d’une catégorie de tags

Edit your tag category

Gryzzly allows you to edit or delete a tag category thanks to the three dots button for options located on the right of each category.


Tags are labels allowing you to define a little more the nature of a project or its activities.

In your dashboard, you can sort and filter your projects with them.

It can represent your clients, the project type, the team working responsible for it, or the financial help associated to them for instance.

Les tags dans Gryzzly

Create a tag

A create button for tags is located just under each categories.

To add a tag to a category, click the button, and just write your tags name.

Confirm the tagg by clicking on + , or cancel by clicking on x .

Création d’un tag

Edit your tags

You have 3 options when you select a tag:

✅ save, ❌ cancel, 🗑️ delete.

Edition des tags