Gryzzly Time's help center

Is there a free trial offer with Gryzzly?

Do you want to try Gryzzly?

Let’s go through all the information about our free trial formula.

When does my trial period start?

The Gryzzly trial period starts when the first user in your team adds Gryzzly to your Slack team.

What is included in the trial period?

The trial period includes:

Since we are nice guys, we will not ask you to enter your credit card when installing the product, that’s against our values. 🖖

What happens when the trial ends?

At the end of the 30-day trial period, the dashboard remains accessible, to allow you to export your projects data.

The chatbot does not work anymore and asks you to subscribe on the page Abonnement.

Would you like to extend your trial period to confirm your opinion?

You can always try to convince our generous team: 😉